Jennifer Aniston FINALLY Laid A ‘Friends’ Mystery To Rest … Why Her *AHEM* Were Always So …

Friends superfans are a very particular set of people. This 90s sitcom will live on forever thanks to its relatable stories, lovable characters, and hilarious scripts. Everybody has a favorite line (or five), and the show’s most loyal fans could go on and on about their adoration.

One pairing from the show receives plenty of attention to this very day…

Jennifer Aniston’s Career Beginnings


Jennifer Aniston has won so many awards and accolades, worked with so many sponsorships, and smiled from the covers of so many magazines that we aren’t even going to bother trying to round up all of the numbers. Just know that she’s awesomely talented!

When she auditioned for the half-hour comedy, though, Jennifer wasn’t even reading for the part of Rachel.